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Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine **January 21 Update


THE FORKS AREA TRAILS SNOWMOBILE REPORT 1/17/2020, with update from January 21st


**1/21/20 Update**

Trails were beat up from MLK weekend traffic, but groomers were out all weekend and again Monday, and they groomed out nicely. Still need a little more snow on woods trails, but they are much improved after the 6” we received this past weekend. We will be grooming all week to get everything smoothed out for the next weekend. Zach will be doing a video report, out on Thursday, and we will have a full trail report to post on Thursday as well. Week looks calm in terms of weather, but we’re keeping our eye on some snow for Saturday.

1/17/20 Report

We received about 4” on Thursday. Groomer went out last night and will go out again tonight. Barring a breakdown, all sections of trail will be packed for the weekend. Another 6+” coming Saturday night . . . that will help a lot!

Overall, we are still in low snow/early season conditions. All sections are passable, but be very careful of hazards. Sections on unplowed roads are in very good shape. Woods trails are thin and rough. There are still some wet spots that haven’t frozen over completely yet. Very cold temps over the next few days will take care of that, but we need more snow to be able to fill them in.

Intown is very boney, but passable. After 1 mile, things improve. ITS 86 around the north side of Mosquito Mtn is rough, as is the 1 mile Power Line section at Lake Moxie. From Moxie Dam up to ITS 88 junction is mostly unplowed roads and is good riding. They have finished logging and trucking on the Loop Road section.

Need more snow before we will pack this trail. Hopefully after the weekend storm. Riders have been using it however.

Mostly unplowed roads so is in good shape. There is no connection off the south end of the BMT to the Wind Mills in Bingham, as there has been in the past. Only access to the Wind Mills is a trail off ITS 87 north of Bingham. The Bald Mtn Trail and Pleasant Pond Trail form a nice loop ride between ITS 86 and ITS 87.

We will open and pack this trail next week, after the weekend storm.

Woods sections around Pleasant Pond and Moore’s Bog are rough. Otherwise is pretty good.

Mostly on unplowed roads, so riding is good.

Waiting for more snow before packing with groomers.

Jim Yearwood
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map

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