Top 4 Maine Bachelor Party Ideas

You’re the best man. You’ve been granted the exclusive pleasure of planning the “last” big night out for your number one. So what are you going to do? Well, you could go to the Old Port in Portland like every other Maine bachelor party and you’d be sure to have a good time. Or, you could venture off the beaten path and have a great time here in the woods, with plenty of options to suit your bachelor’s style, be it party or laid back. Read on for some ideas at throwing the best bachelor party in Maine for every type of bachelor…

Bachelor Party at Northern Outdoors

1. The Socializer

Your bachelor wants a good time- complete with things to do, time to chill, and new people to chill with. Bring him to Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort in the Forks, with whitewater rafting, our own on-site brewery, full service restaurant, night-life, hot tub and pool, deck, and even Big Buck Hunter in the arcade. You can’t go wrong with this trip, and a group of all ages is guaranteed to enjoy our lodge in the Maine woods.

Bachelor Party Generations

Day 1

Arrive at Northern Outdoors. Don’t forget to stop by Jimmy’s Market in Bingham on your way up to pick up some Maine staples, including Allen’s coffee brandy. If you want a true Maine liquor beverage, this is it. Real Mainers even mix it with milk (#atyourownrisk). If you want real Maine beer, be sure to stop by our onsite brewery where we have something for everyone (think IPAs to pale ales to Porters), and you can even get them in growlers to go. Stock up on supplies in Bingham (approx 20 miles south) because once you get to Northern Outdoors, you’re not gonna wanna leave. Cabins come fully equipped with kitchens, so you and the guys can make any of your own meals, or keep a stash of snacks and beer on site at the very least. Jimmy’s has live lobsters, so if you want to go real big give them a call to reserve a few!

Club Cabin Kitchen
The Club Cabins, located on the hill behind the lodge, sleep up to eight guests. But don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of cabin options here for all group sizes. Prefer camping? Check out the riverside campground.
Don’t want to do the cooking yourself? Give us a call to arrange a bbq or lobster bake for you, or just take a quick walk over to our main lodge to hit up the on-site brewery and restaurant for wings, burgers, and beer. We’ve got you covered.

Day 2

Whitewater Rafting on the Dead River. The Dead River is a special river as it has limited big water releases each year (see dates here). These big water days are an adrenaline pumping good time- see for yourself why we love this river.

Dead river rafting humpty hit
Big hits like Humpty Dumpty (pictured), Satan’s Hole, and Big Poplar are peppered throughout the Dead River’s 16 miles of nearly continuous whitewater
If you can’t come one of those dates, that’s okay: the trusty Kennebec River rages at 5,000 CFS every single day from May through October. The Kennebec is always a good time, with huge waves and holes like Big Mama and Magic Hole there to greet you. Both rivers are rafted out of our adventure resort in The Forks, where a DJ, corn hole tournament, and who knows what else happen every Saturday night. Weekends are party-times at Northern Outdoors, so you’re sure to spend your evening hanging with locals and rafters alike at our lodge.

Cornhole Tournaments Every Saturday Night
Cornhole Tournies on the deck every Saturday night,
usually followed by dance parties in the lodge…

DJ Hoss Dance Kennebec River Brewery

Day 3

Wake up slow, as it was probably a rough night. When you’re finally up and moving, swing by the restaurant to help your bachelor recover with a Bloody Mary and a full breakfast of eggs, sausage, pancakes– whatever. Check out is at 11:00am- otherwise, go at your own pace.

Bloody Mary special
Bloody Mary’s are available any day at Northern Outdoors, but are on special every Sunday for $7
Is this the trip for your crew? Check out our website to explore cabin and rafting options at our Forks Resort center. Rates for cabins are online, and you can even book online too. Want to chat with someone? Give us a call at (207) 663-4466 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the options, split up payments, and do what we can to help plan your Maine bachelor party!

2. The Gear-head

Does your bachelor like anything with a motor? A day on the ATV trails in Maine is the perfect adventure, with rental options for your whole crew. Have your own quads? Bring ’em on up- we’ve got trailside cabins and plenty of parking for trailers.

ATV tail view of Parlin Pond

Day 1

Arrive at Northern Outdoors. Just like we mentioned above, be sure to stock up on essentials at Jimmy’s Market in Bingham on your way up. Already arrived but need another 30 rack for the cabin? No worries, Berry’s General Store is just 10 minutes down the road from our resort and is a true Maine experience. Plus, they have sweet Berry’s swag and Pro-boxer Brandon Berry behind the register. Stock up and settle in for the night, with wings and beer at the brewery and a camp fire at your cabin.

Bachelor Party Maine

Day 2

ATV to Greenville. The trails to Greenville are a perfect mix of rugged, technical riding and smooth logging roads where you can really catch some speed. If you need rentals, Maine Outdoor Sports has everything you need to equip your crew for a day on the trails. Take your time, know your machine, be safe, and have fun.

ATV Trail Jackman, Maine
Photo by Moxie Karasek, ATV and SxS Illustrated
After you get back to base and return your ATVs, belly up and grab a beer and some wings. Northern Outdoors has a full restaurant and bar, so grab a bite of whatever it is your craving, including homemade mac n cheese, fish n chips, and the BEST burgers. Saturday nights at the lodge are hoppin’ with a corn hole tournament, DJ, and good times. Here during the week? Check out the weekly events to see what’s going on, or visit our Facebook page.

Day 3

Stumble into our lodge for breakfast, served until 11:00am immediately followed by lunch. Bloody Marys? Yup. Big servings? Oh yeah. Check out is at 11:00am, or stick around another night and fill your day with whitewater rafting or lounging around.

Is this the adventure your group would be into? Check out our website to explore cabins as well as the ATV trails and rentals at our Forks Resort center. Rates for cabins are online, but give us a call at (207)663-4466 to check ATV rental availability. We can also chat options, split up payments, and answer any other questions!

3. The Outdoor Adventurer

If your bachelor digs the outdoors, being active, and ending the day with beers around a campfire, this is the place for him. Our Katahdin Adventure Base Camp is a little further north, but well worth the drive with Maine’s highest peak as the backdrop to your weekend.

Penobscot white water rafting Katahdin

Day 1

Arrive at Katahdin Adventure Base Camp located near Baxter State Park, home of Mount Katahdin. Pick up essentials in Millinocket, the last significant town before the 10 mile drive to our base at the Big Moose Inn. Lots of logging history around these parts that are worth exploring, so read up! If you get here early enough, grab a beer and your swimsuit to take a quick hike into Blueberry Ledges. Leave no trace, and enjoy!

Swim at Blueberry Ledges
Blueberry Ledges is a favorite spot amongst our guide staff, as are karate kicks…
Overnight options abound at our base camp, with indoor lodging options, RV sites, campsites, and lean-tos. Our recommendation for a big crew? Ask for the Katahdin Cabin, the ultimate bachelor pad with a huge deck and grill, basketball hoop, volleyball net, and all within walking distance to the rooftop bar at the Big Moose.

Day 2

Whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River is amazing. Class V rapids in Ripogenous gorge start your day, with incredible views of Mount Katahdin greeting you around every bend. The river, the scenery, the people- it can’t be beat. Grab a breakfast sandwich at North Woods Trading Post, or get a full breakfast at Big Moose Inn before your trip- you’ll want the energy!

Penobscot exterminator hit photo
Exterminator is just 30 seconds into your river trip…go big or go home, boys.

Day 3

Campfire breakfast, leisurely leave. Since you aren’t at our Forks location you can’t enjoy our delicious Kennebec River Brewery beers, but you CAN stop by the Bissell Brothers Three Rivers in Milo on your way out of town for some Maine craft beer. Heading on the interstate? Swing by Mason’s Brewery for some great beers (like the Hipster Apocalypse IPA), just a quick 5 minutes off I95 in Brewer.

Have an extra day? Add in a hike up Mount Katahdin. Although long and strenuous, this peak is well worth the effort. The views are unmatched! The truly brave find a unique experience in the Knife’s Edge (see 5m55sec), Mount Katahdin’s 1.1 mile infamous exposed ridge connecting Pamola Peak to Katahdin.

Knifes Edge Katahdin
A shot of the Knife’s Edge from Mount Katahdin
Is the Penobscot River calling to you? Check out our website to learn more about the Penobscot River and our lodging options at the Katahdin Adventure Base Camp, where we run operations for this river. Give us a call at (207) 663-4466 and we’ll be more than happy to discuss the options, split up payments, and do what we can to help plan the party!

4. The Non-Committer

(except for that marriage thing he’s about to do)
*Note: all guests booking weekend lodging in July/August are required to also book a full day activity, such as rafting or ATVing. If non-committer is your style, aim for a weekday trip, or a weekend visit in May/June September/October!

Day 1

Arrive at Northern Outdoors and Kennebec River Brewery. Stock up in Bingham at Jimmy’s, and hit up Berry’s 10 minutes north of our lodge for basic resupplies. Wander around while you’re up there, because, well, why not. You’ve got no plans! Check in to your cabin at 4:00pm and chill there around a campfire, or wander down to the lodge for beer from our micro brewery.

Maine cabins - Northern Outdoors

Day 2

Sleep in. Chill at the cabin. Come to our lodge and hop in the hot tub or play pool volleyball. Decide you want to do something? Check with the front desk by 10:00am to sign up for an afternoon float trip on the lower Kennebec River, complete with your own inflatable kayak. Looking for more activity? Take a short hike into Moxie Falls, Maine’s highest free falling waterfall, or a quick hike with big bang Mosquito Mtn for a view from up high. The world is yours…

Float Trip on the Lower Kennebec River
Chillin’ on the lower Kennebec River on our self-guided float trip

Day 3

Wander out whenever you feel like it, because you’ve got no plans…

Want to throw your party with us?

Visit our Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties page to explore cabin and rafting options at both our Forks Resort Center (Kennebec and Dead Rivers) and Katahdin Adventure Basecamp (Penobscot River). Rates for cabins and the campground are online– you can even book online too. Give us a call at (207) 663-4466 to go over options and let us help you plan the best party for your bachelor!

Looking for more ideas for your Maine bachelor party?

Hiking, fishing, whitewater rafting, or simply relaxing by the river in your cabin are some of the many options up here. Give us a call and chat with one of our reservationists to get some ideas, or check out what these bachelor parties are saying about their time at Northern Outdoors.

Planning a party in the Winter?

Thankfully, The Forks is a hub of activity in the winter months too. With cabins right on Maine’s snowmobile trail network and on-site Kennebec River Brewery and Restaurant, there are plenty of winter adventuring options. Check out our top 6 things to do in the Forks in the winter for more ideas…


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2 Responses

  1. I’m trying to plan a bachelor party between June and September of 2022. Right now I am still looking at options, just curious if there is any off roading for Jeep’s in the area. I see the atvs, which is cool, we just also have a group with Jeep’s so curious what options are available.


    1. Hi Taylor-
      Awesome! Thanks for reaching out. There are tons of dirt roads out here- logging roads, so you do have to be aware and careful of the big trucks (they can go fast, and they have the right of way). But you can get to some pretty great places. My personal fave would be taking dirt from our location in The Forks over to our Penobscot River base outside of Millinocket, then go rafting on the class V Penobscot River with our team! You’d be on the Brochu Road into Greenville, then some dirt roads to connect you to the Golden Road into Millinocket. Generally these are in decent shape for jeeps, or any 4wd vehicle. I’d just plan to pick up the Maine Atlas and Gazetteer before coming up and you’ll definitely find some places to explore! Feel free to email or call our reservationist for any more info — find our info at!

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