Maine Hiking: Mosquito Mountain

Mosquito Mountain?! Why would anyone want to hike up a mountain named after nature’s most annoying creature?

This 1.5 mile hiking trail that climbs 1386 feet to panoramic mountain views would be a lot more popular with a different name. Like the nearby Pleasant Pond Mountain hike on the Appalachian Trail, Mosquito Mountain is another short hike in The Forks, Maine with huge views.

Maine Hiking - Mosquito Mountain

Hiking up Mosquito Mountain is a popular activity for our college groups. Guide and trip leader Brent Arsenault enjoys the view with his Keene State Outdoor Recreation Leadership class:

Outdoor Recreation Leadership Class on top of Mosquito Mountain

Hiking with dogs? Mosquito Mountain is a great choice. Northern crew member Beth McLaughlin’s hiking dog Bennett stands proud on the ledge:

Mosquito Mountain - Hiking with Dogs

Our friends at Rolling Fatties hiked up Mosquito Mountain a few weeks ago with their Awesome dog (yes, his name is Awesome.)

Mosquito Mountain Maine - Hiking with Dogs

Awesome taking in the views of Moxie Pond and Maine’s mountains in the distance…

Mosquito Mountain - Views of Moxie Pond

Mosquito Mountain is one of a handful of short trails to beautiful views that we enjoy hiking every season. See more hiking trails in The Forks, Maine.

Mosquito Mountain Trailhead Directions

Directions to the Mosquito Mountain trailhead from Northern Outdoors:

Go north on US Route 201 for 5.2 miles to The Forks. Turn right onto Lake Moxie Road, just before the Kennebec River bridge and go 5.3 miles. Turn right onto Troutdale Road and go 1.9 miles to a pull out where the road and power lines meet. Across the road is a camp at 412 Troutdale Rd. The trailhead is marked by a faded red bear paw on a rock, likely hidden behind some branches on the right side of the parking area as you look uphill. There are some fresher orange blazes marking the trail.


In the winter, the snowmobile trail hugs the side of Mosquito Mountain for a different kind of view.

More info on snowmobiling in The Forks, Maine.


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