Soul Food

We came in the night before our trip. We were served good food, good beer, and we had a whole lot of laughs. We brought family with us this year from Florida, which included a 3 year old. They were not sure what to expect as they are accustomed to strip malls, buffets, and chain restaurants… (and we weren’t sure if they would love us or hate us at the end of it all.) It was a WINNER!!

Being surrounded by beauty combined with the adventure and excitement of something real and natural (unlike Disney or a man made water park) brought the inner human spirit roaring out of these concrete, plastic souls like a lion! Even mother nature herself must have been impressed with herself that day! It was awesome to see! (Some things you just can’t make up, and this was a prime example!)

We had a delicious lunch on the river bank and really enjoyed the gorp and cowboy coffee. Thank you. The staff was working hard to get us all fed and did a fantastic job.
Adam was our guide. He was entertaining and confident (which was extremely helpful for the faint of heart). 🙂

We loved the slide show at the end, it was nice for the folks who stayed back to see where we had been and share our story. The movie was well done and had everyone in stitches!!
We will definitely be back and it sounds like we will be a bigger crowd next year!!!

Thank you Northern and to Adam for giving us a great family “outdoor” experience! We needed it!!

Rating: Excellent
Tamara M
York, Maine


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