Wounded Warrior

I can’t say enough! I was with the Wounded Warrior group last week and what a great week! Rafting, kayaking, ATV riding, etc. I’ve never kayaked or rafted before. My wife and I are planning to book a rafting trip with Brandi in July.

Rating: Excellent
Harvey B
Chelsea, Maine


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  1. This was the first of 3 WWP Odyssey’s that we did here at Northern Outdoors. By far the best part of my summer as a Guide here. Not only this wonderful group of men, but the next 2 groups that were couples. As a Veteran myself and the wife of a Veteran I can say that being able to help the spouses understand their Veteran and the Veteran able to understand their spouse was such an honor. All 3 groups are special to me because it gives me a chance to give back to those that served and need that extra positive boost to see that we are still all in the game. That no matter what we can lead a life of fulfillment.

    Thank you Harvey for your post and I’m glad I could make such a big impact on you. Hope to see you and Allison soon.

    Brandi Barnett
    Northern Outdoors
    Whitewater Guide

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