ATV Trail Riding Etiquette

This is the last entry in our interview series with Jim Lane, President of A.T.V. Maine, the statewide non-profit organization representing all affiliated ATV clubs in Maine. According to Jim, you can ride 8½ months of the year in Maine, depending on the trail location. Riding season typically starts in later May (after mud season) and goes into December (winter snowfall permitting). Clubs can choose to close trails to protect the landowners’ land during inclement weather.

  1. Ride with your headlights on at all times. This helps other riders see you easily, is important in inclement weather, and can even warn animals of upcoming  riders.
  2. As you approach machines coming from the opposite direction, give them the hand signal of how many machines are behind you (just like in snowmobiling). For example, a closed fist means there are zero riders behind you.
  3. Only a marked trail is a legal trail. It is imperative that ATV vacationers in Maine stay exclusively on marked trails.

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