Great Mornings on Maine Adventure Vacations

A North Woods Cabin at Northern Outdoors MaineThere’s nothing quite like waking up in the Maine woods to let you know you are really away from it all on Maine adventure Vacations.  There is an interesting mix of noise and silence.  The occasional rumble of a passing logging truck is what passes for traffic noise, and the birds are telling their first tales of the day to all the trees that will listen.  The wind in the evergreens is a subtle, consistent presence. A splash from the lake just down the hill from the cabin indicates the presence of a green frog.  Mist is rising off the lake and if we’re lucky, a loon might float by and wish us good morning.

Heading to the lodge, the sun is breaking through the early morning clouds with the promise of a glorious day ahead.  Breakfast is fresh fruit and bagels, sausage and scrambled eggs, hot coffee and OJ, cereal for the kids and pancakes with – of course – real Maine maple syrup.

Guests are getting ready for a great day of Kennebec River rafting, pulling river shoes and making sure their waterproof cameras are at hand.  The Appalachian Trail through-hikers at the next table are swapping trail stories of the Hundred Mile Wilderness to the north and deciding when to head down to catch the Canoe Ferry across the Kennebec River.  The folks from the cabin next door settle in on the couches in front of the fireplace with a handful of maps, planning their motorcycle ride on the Route 201 National Scenic Byway (aka Moose Alley).

It’s another typical morning in our special corner of Maine and we can’t wait to see what else the day will bring.


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