Maine Beer, Kennebec River Brewery

Inside the Kennebec River Brewery – How We Make Our Beer

Maine Craft Beer

Take a look inside the Kennebec River Brewery and learn how we make our handcrafted beer – served to you as ales and lagers, from our Master Brewer. What’s keg-conditioned? Watch the video and you’ll find out! We meet the man behind the Magic… Magic Hole IPA that is. Mike McConnell is the brew master at Northern Outdoors’ onsite brewery and he gives us an inside look at the microbrewery operation here in The Forks. A tasty brew is just what our adventure guests welcome after an exciting day of rafting, ATVing, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, or whatever your year-round adventure sport may be. Kennebec River Brewery is a featured brewery on the famous Maine Beer Trail.


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