Kennebec River Brewery Tips For Keeping Your Beer Growlers Fresh!

Growlers’ popularity is growing gangbusters over the last 3 years since Maine loosened up it’s Growler law.  The Maine Growler Bill passed on September 12, 2009, creating much happiness for local breweries and brewpubs and their devoted patrons. A Growler is half-gallon (64 ounces) glass jug that consumers buy upfront and then refill for a relatively nominal fee. Not only are Growlers a financially fit method of buying and selling your favorite brew, but, they are eco-friendly and a fantastic means of buying local.

So, how do you keep a Growler clean?
To keep your Growler fresh for the next “filler up please,” upon pouring your last savory drop of brew, rinse the thick glass jug with hot water – give it some sturdy swirls – and then dry upside-down. It’s a good idea to wash the cap with hot water as well.

We are pretty big here at KRB at telling our guests to avoid using dish detergent, as it contains surfactants, which are non-biodegradable components that leave behind particles which can (and do) accumulate over time. If you find funkiness (ie: organic matter) in your Growler, don’t fear – but, don’t ignore it either. Give your bottle another hot soak and use a bottlebrush to scrub away the matter.

Those feeling the need for uber-cleaning can use environmentally friendly home-brewing cleaning products like 5-Star PBW (Powered Brewery Wash) or try Star San. Northern Brewer carries bottle brushes as well, and we have also found that Sigg’s high performance bottle brush works in our Growlers too.

Kennebec River Brewery growlerGrowlers come in different styles, and can be clear glass or brown glass. Northern Outdoors had clear glass Growlers initially, and we switched over to Brown Growler jugs this season. (Look at our KRB page on FB for more pictures.)

Enjoy that Growler!

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