Kennebec Turbine Test Releases – 2016 Dates

Kennebec River 2016 Turbine Test high water release dates are here! There are ONLY 4 special Turbine Test releases a year – with 8000 CFS (cubic feet per second) of water flowing down river. That’s almost twice the normal water levels of Kennebec rafting trips of 4800CFS! This means BIG water – the biggest water in the Northeast, and the east coast! Trip dates are June 18, July 11, Sept 10 and Sept 24. Book early – go big!

If you are not into big white water and have a “hoorah – let’s go for it” attitude with outrageous big wave action, then book a regular Kennebec River rafting trip first and make sure you love it. 🙂 Your raft mates will appreciate it! Northern Outdoors pioneered commercial rafting on the Kennebec River with the very first run in 1976. The Kennebec River flows through the small town of the The Forks Maine, where the confluence of the Dead River and Kennebec River meet. Enjoy the Kennebec River Brewery at Northern Outdoors after your trip, one of Maine’s favorite Maine Beer Trail watering holes.

Check out Kennebec Turbine Test Rafting Trips.


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