Kids Enjoy Maine Family Vacations on the Kennebec River

Kids Kennebec River RaftingAs a Maine whitewater rafting guide, there’s nothing better than guiding a kid on the river for their first time.  Even from the very beginning of the trip, things like teaching them how to hold our perfect kid sized paddles to how to sit in the raft are moments of excitement.  Some kids are nervous and other are full of anticipation.  One thing is for sure, as the day progresses and we hit the whitewater, the pure thrill of adventure can be seen in their eyes, and the big smiles that follow are priceless!

Kennebec River rafting is perfect for a family vacation.  Kids can raft starting at age 8 by doing the lower portion of the river and by age 10 they are ready to take on the entire trip.

Here’s what our recent guests from Windham, NH had to say about taking their 8-year-old rafting with us for his first time:

“My 8-year-old son is going to be a river guide like Brent! Northern Outdoors’ plan for younger kids to be picked up at the half way point was awesome. My younger kids still felt a part of the trip and they loved hanging out with Jim!” 

Kids enjoy rafting on the Kennebec River just as much as parents, and guides love taking kids on the river.  Sounds like a win-win family vacation and the perfect mix for summertime fun, huh?

Maine Adventure Vacations with Kids




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