Video of the Week: Surfing and Rafting at Nesowadnehunk Falls on the Penobscot River

When it comes to iconic scenery blended with the adventure of whitewater rafting, New England has a special place. It’s called the Penobscot River and in particular it’s a spot named Nesowadnehunk Falls and Nesowadnehunk Stream. This week, our Maine rafting video is all about being on the water and in the water while rafting this section of the Penobscot River.

Nesowadnehhunk Falls, a.k.a. The Falls, is a rapid of pure heart-pumping enjoyment. It’s rapids like this that give Maine whitewater rafting such a great reputation. As you approach The Falls, the water is calm and as you leave The Falls the water is calm, but a natural ledge lies across the length of the river in between these calm sections creating a fantastically fun 12-foot drop. Your guide can take you surfing in this drop as well as run The Falls over and over and over again.

Nesowadnehunk Stream, a.k.a. The Natural Water Slide, is just as cool…literally. All ya do is sit down, lie back and enjoy the ride into a refreshing pool of natural spring water. It’s a water park, Maine style.

Enjoy our Maine whitewater rafting video and better yet come enjoy some Penobscot River rafting with us too!

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