Maine ATVing in the Backcountry—Everything You Need to Know

Maine ATV

If you’re new to Maine ATVing, it might seem to be an activity that doesn’t need a lot of explanation. But knowing the basics and following these tips can make your trip a lot smoother, safer and more fun. Here’s some tips from the pros at Northern Outdoors that will help you plan the ATV adventure that makes you a lifetime fan!

Know Your Maine ATV Trails

The Forks Area ATV Trail Map shows you the well-signed trails in The Forks area,  but consider purchasing a Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. This detailed map and guidebook will zero in and show you the best places to camp, locations of interest and more.

Most of the trails around Northern Outdoors are in-and-out—meaning you enter and leave on the same trail. The Loop to Greenville is an exception. It’s a 70-mile trip, so expect about six hours of riding.

Plan Your Lodging

If you want to do an overnight trip, be sure to figure out the campsites on your trail, along with backups in case those sites are already taken. The Maine Gazetteer can help you find registered sites and local club maps are invaluable for planning. Visit ATV Maine for resources about all the surrounding clubs to help you plan your trip!

Gear Up

Along with your ATV, you’ll want to bring some essentials for safety, enjoyment and convenience.

Protective Gear—Goggles and helmet are necessities for the trail. Solid shoes and long pants are also recommended.

Cell Phone—Emergencies happen, and it’s best to be prepared in case they do.

Water—While ATVing isn’t as taxing as some activities, staying hydrated is important nonetheless.

First Aid Kit—It’s good to be prepared, especially when you’re out on a long ride.

Stop and See The Sights

While motoring down dirt roads in the wilderness is its own kind of fun, there are plenty of opportunities to see some really cool things during your ATV trip. For a fantastic view, check out the Attean Overlook. If you want to stretch your legs, Moxie Falls is a quick hour-long round trip hike and well worth the stop. And if you want a scenic spot for a picnic lunch, enjoy your meal alongside Moxie Pond (which is actually a lake, in Maine we call them ponds).

Moxie Falls Maine ATV
The stunning Moxie Falls are just a 60-minute round trip hike off the trail and minutes from Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort.

Respect the Wildlife

ATVing on these trails will put you in contact with diverse local wildlife. You might see moose, fox, deer, eagles, and more. For your safety and that of the animals, exercise caution when you come across these beautiful creatures. Give them plenty of space, observe them from a distance and just observe them quietly. It’s exciting to see a moose in the wild, but you sure don’t want one coming too close!

Maine ATV Moose sighting
You might see a moose on your trip—just keep a safe and respectful distance.

Know the Rules of the Trail

Along with being thoroughly briefed by our ATV guides on how to operate your vehicle, you’ll also need to be aware of the state laws around ATVing. You can find a complete list of those here. If you’re camping, you will need to get a fire permit, and be sure to bring cash for the campsites (Pay boxes are typically at many campsites for your 24 hr convenience.)

Get Some Guidance If You’re New To ATVs

If you’ve never gone ATVing, including a guide on your trip is a smart idea. Our experienced and friendly guides can take you out on day trips. It’s incredibly helpful to have an expert along for the ride to answer questions, introduce you to ATV touring, help with vehicle issues and safety and show you all the best spots to stop. If you’re interested in having a guide accompany you, let us know when you book your ATV.

Have fun!

Learn more about Northern Outdoors ATV rentals & tours.
See The Forks Area ATV Trail Map.  (and download a high res copy, too.)


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