Maine White Water Rafting Guide: Diamond Mark Schaub

Maine Rafting Guide Diamond SchaubName: Diamond Mark Schaub
Hometown: Newtown, PA/Points Unknown
Age of First Rafting Trip: 9
Year you started guiding at Northern Outdoors: 2006

What type of guiding do you do?
Whitewater Rafting

What do you enjoy most about working at Northern Outdoors?
The friends and family I’ve made along the way, the perpetual party it’s been over the years, meeting new guests and getting to keep seeing return guests.

What is your favorite river to guide, and your favorite rapid on that river?
The Dead is a very challenging and rewarding river to guide, but the approach to Maytag on the Kennebec at 8,000 cfs always produces a "kid on Christmas morning" sensation that I love.

What’s your classic Northern Outdoors memory?
Most of them are pretty blurry but equally awesome. Guide Training was a very special experience though.

Where do you adventure when you are not working?
I'm hooked on scuba diving in Honduras at the moment.

What do you do in the off-season when you’re not guiding for Northern Outdoors?
Commercial Finance

Tell us about any certifications, special talents, guide awards.
2008 and 2011 Kennebec Part Time Guide of the Year

What rivers have you run outside of Maine?
The Gauley in West Virginia, the Delaware and Upper & Lower Youghiogheny in Pennsylvania, the Colorado through the Grand Canyon

Which Kennebec River Brewery beer is your top choice after a day on the river?
The Class V Stout (with Jameson and Bailey's)


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