Maine Snowmobile Association Executive VP Review

Maine Snowmobile AssociationGood Morning. This trip was a surprise get-a-way for my wife as I am on call Valentines Day weekend and could not be here this weekend. I was in hopes to grab a cabin and there appeared to be one left. I have enjoyed Northern Outdoors since my first time attending in the logdominiums in January 1990. There are many memories etched in my then young brain of volleyball in the pool, running upstairs in a bathing suit with 8 inches of snow on the stairs barefoot and an inch or snow on my head from being in the hot tub. These are just proud moments to share with my snowmobiling community. Sliding down the big hill on the dinner serving trays with the guides and lodge staff really showed how much fun you folks have up there. I also have great memories riding the new Ski-Doo’s at your lodge on a spring demo in early April in 1996 when most places were completely out of snow. I have stopped many of times and enjoyed lunch while working in the area and sure love returning.

Now, heavily involved in the Maine Snowmobile Association, I take great pride in sharing these stories and think of this place as a feather in my hat of Maine snowmobiling experiences to share with anyone I come in contact with. Keep up the great work!

Rating: Excellent
John Monk
Hermon, Maine


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