Maine Snowmobile Association Is A Great Resource for Maine Adventure Vacations

Maine Snowmobile — now that’s a great URL for a website, sure to raise a chuckle from all snowlovers who come across it.  The Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) website offers loads of information about snowmobiling in our fair state.

The site has links to all state regulations and requirements regarding the activity, from registration information to speed limits and land use.  Need to know the proper etiquette for riding on private land or refresh your knowledge of handsignals?  This is the site.  Looking for a snowmobile club to ride with?  MSA has a complete list.  Want to catch up on all the news about snowmobiling in Maine, from trail reports to new legislation?  It’s all right here.

This is a great site for new and experienced riders alike, and anyone who owns a sled or wants to learn more about snowmobiling should check it out. 

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