Maine Snowmobile Riders Appreciate Access to Trails on Private Lands

Northern Outdoors Maine Snowmobile Vacatipn AdventuresMaine has a great history of co-operation between private land owners and public access to the land.  More than 95% of Maine’s snowmobile trails are on private property, and riders and clubs are very sincere in their appreciation of the access.  Riders know that respect for the land and the rights of the people who own it is vital to continued use of the land for years to come.  Several of the 290+ snowmobile clubs across the state help owners with trail maintanence, sponsor Landowner Appreciation Parties and are eager to address any concerns that arise.

As the Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) puts it: "When snowmobile club members seek permission to establish a snowmobile trail, they’re generally dealing with landowners who are their neighbors, employers, relatives. This means that Maine snowmobilers have a great responsibility to the landowners."

Visitors coming up for a Maine snowmobile vacation as encouraged to visit the MSA website and learn the state regulations and laws and the riders & landowners guidelines for use of trails on private lands.  Taking a few minutes to get familiar with what’s expected means more fun can be had by all for a long time to come.


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