Maine Snowmobile Guides Keep the Fun Coming

Maine Guided Snowmobile ToursThere is nothing like roaring down a fresh groomed, snowy trail on a snowmobile seeing things few people have seen, exploring places most people will never get to.  There are hundreds of miles of snowmobile trails in Maine, and while most of them are well marked, sometimes even the best signed trails get confusing.  Riders coming to a new area often look for a good, local guide to take the stress of navigating out of the day.   

A guided tour to an interesting historical location, such as the site of a B52 bomber crash, or to a local eatery for hearty fare, can add that something extra special to a Maine snowmobile vacation.  Plus guides are often knowledgable about many other aspects of the area, the best places to stay, eat, visit, and what other seasons are like in case visitors want to return at other times of year.


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