Maine Snowmobiling Destination: The Bingham Wind Farm

With their expansive views and dramatic towers, wind farms have become Maine snowmobiling destinations. The closest wind farm to The Forks is the Bingham Wind Farm in Kingsbury Plantation, approximately 30 miles from Northern Outdoors by snowmobile trail (see The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map.) Travel there and back on ITS 87, or make a loop of it by winding between Pleasant Pond Mountain and Moxie Mountain, all worthy snowmobiling destinations in and of themselves. As you ride onto the ridge where the windmills stand, mountain views line the horizon.

Bingham Wind Farm is Maine’s largest wind energy project with fifty-six 308 foot tall towers, their blades reaching 492 feet into the air. To give you an idea of the scope of the wind farm, over 500,000 cubic yards of earth and ledge were moved, 25,000 yards of concrete and 4.2 million pounds of reinforced steel were used, and 18 miles of transmission line and 19.7 miles of access road were built. Vast is an inadequate description for the views from the top of the wind farm.

Snowmobiling to Windmills in Bingham

Snow melts faster at the top of the wind farm than it does on the trails. Shot March 20, 2017 on a sunny day of spring riding!


Directions from Northern Outdoors to the Bingham Wind Towers by Snowmobile Trail

See The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map

Head out on the trail behind Northern Outdoors. Take a right on to ITS 87 south. Continue on ITS 87 south and turn left onto the Pleasant Pond Trail (Pleasant Pond Mountain on your left / Moxie Mountain on the right). The Pleasant Pond Trail turns into the Bald Mountain Trail. Continue North on the Bald Mountain Trail to an intersection and continue straight on the Breakneck Ridge Trail. Stay on the Breakneck Ridge Trail to the intersection with the Wind Mill Trail. Turn right on the Windmill Trail, continue south on the Wind Mill Trail and past the wind turbines until you get to ITS 87. This loop is approximately 55 miles.

When the snow isn’t on the ground the Bingham Wind Farm makes for a great ATVing destination.

ATV Trail to the Bingham Windmills

Northern Outdoors Adventure Resort is at the center of Maine’s 14,000 mile snowmobile trail network. The Bingham Wind Farm is one of many top snowmobiling destinations. We offer snowmobile rentals and snowmobile tours… and you can’t beat relaxing in front of the fireplace at the brewpub (or a long soak in the giant outdoor hot tub) at the end of an awesome day of riding!

And let us know in the comments below if you’ve ridden to any of Maine’s wind farms.


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  1. Directions to the wind farm are wrong Bald mtn. trail and breakneck ridge are now off of the pleasant pond trail not ITS 87

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