Maine’s “Moose Alley” – US Route 201 to Adventure

In order to get to the best Maine whitewater rafting (Dead River rafting & Kennebec River rafting), visitors drive up US Route 201.   This scenic road runs from Fairfield to the Canadian border and is known by a couple of other names – The Old Canada Road Scenic Byway and “Moose Alley.”  Anyone traveling along this stunning road will see instantly why it is listed as a Scenic Byway and once the road begins to parallel the Kennebec River, the fact that this is moose country makes the reason for the second nickname obvious as well.

Moose (Alces alces) are the largest members of the deer family.  They are are usually dark brown in color, though they can appear tan or even patchwork when they are transitioning to and from their winter coats.  They have long legs, large bulbous noses and short powerful necks.  Females are known as cows, babies as calves and males as bulls.  Bulls drop their antlers in the winter, but begin growing them again in the spring and are often spotted with enormous, flat-spanning racks in summer and into fall.

Because of their short necks, moose cannot lower their heads to graze in a traditional fashion, so they are often seen standing chest deep in water and marshes, feeding on underwater weeds or shore grasses.   This habit makes US Route 201 ideal for moose spotting as the road is bordered by miles of rivers, lakes, ponds and marshes.

Keeping an eye out for these 1000+ pound giants is a wise idea, not only because it is a thrill to spot one, but because having an automotive encounter with one is not recommended.  Making moose spotting part of Maine family vacations is always a great idea and those travel “Moose Alley” to The Forks amd north towards Jackman and the Canadian border have a head start on the fun.


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  1. we were in jackman for the weekend and never saw a moose, plenty of deer but disappointed never saw a moose we were on 201 and went to the canadian boarder.

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