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Turbine Test Maytag splashFirst off I’d like to say, THANK YOU! This is how your resort became a part of our lives…..

I had always wanted to experience white water rafting. That being said, it seemed a big ordeal to plan. I run my own business as a pet care provider and finding time to vacation along with finding people to go with and accomadating everyone’s schedules seemed a heavy load. Then, at a friends birthday party four years ago, a friend showed us his video from rafting on the Kennebec with his family. It was love at first sight. I said, "that’s it! I’m going! Even if I have to go by myself!" I was obsessed and determined to plan this trip. My friend had said he stayed and rafted with Northen Outdoors. He said such great things about his time there, lodging, staff, pub and atmosphere….i just knew I had to call you guys! So, the next day, I Did! Let me just tell you….Debbie is a SAINT! I don’t know how i would have survived planning that first trip. I swear I had a zillion question, changes in reservations from switching dates and number of people. I think one day i even called her like 5 or 6 different times! She was more than helpful, accomadating, professional, sweet and patient with my never ending questions! At the end of the day, I got nine people to venture out down the kennebec with me in 2009. Our group consisted of friends and family, ALL rafting VIRGINS! It blew our mind! I had no idea this would turn out to be a love affair with both white water and YOUR resort!

Last weekend we completed our third annual trip on the Kennebec Turbine release. Our group consensus—–best trip yet! At this point its no suprise to us that we are in for a great time. We always ask for the same cabin and luckily have always got it 🙂 Great lodging, pub brews/food are great! Staff is always so wonderful. Feels drama free, inviting, safe and relaxing. In a nut shell—-the BEST! We booked our trip for next year before leaving last weekend. It will be our first time down the DEAD river and I am already counting the days!!!! I think you do a fantastic job with the BBQ, photos and video presentation. Fun, FUNNY raft guides who know their stuff and make our trip a blast! Our group in particular is a fun and funny group. We really enjoy a guide who can keep up with the banter and inside jokes and at the same time lead us down the river in a safe yet adventurous manner. This year especially we hit the jackpot! Our guide was Mark Schaub. He is our FAVORITE! What a blast! We told him when we’d be back and he put us in his schedule as well as the girls in reservations put a note in for us requesting him to bring us down the DEAD in May 2012!!!! We miss him already!

In the future, We hope to visit at least twice a year. We look forward to also planning a winter trip and hitting the snowmobile trails! We have all taken away fun and everlasting memories over the years that shine on in our minds, hearts and endless candid photographs! Thank you for giving our friends and family special memories that no amount of money could buy……

We love you Northrn Outdoors,
Till next year, Lots of love,
Jeannine and family

Jeannine S
Allenstown, NH

Activity: Kennebec Turbine Test High Release Rafting

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Whitewater Rafting


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