New England Vacations A Different Kind of Adventure in Fall Foliage Season

Maine Fall Foliage - PLC_PhotoSometimes when people think of Maine adventure vacations, they think big and wild — huge whitewater, rocky hiking trails, skiing above treeline at Sugarloaf — but not every adventure has to be hardcore and not every adventurer has to be a rugged outdoor adrenaline fiend.

For those who live where the leaves do not change and who have never experienced the thrilling beauty of a crisp fall morning, we offer the simple joy of a fall foliage vacation.   There is nothing like waking and walking outside with a hot cup of coffee to watch mist roll through brilliantly colored maples and birch, hear loons cry on the lake below and just sigh in bliss.  A walk along the Kennebec River on the Old Canada Road trail, a site-seeing drive along Route 201 to Jackman, a geo-caching scavenger hunt among the fallen leaves — all of these are the mellower side of adventuring in Maine.

The other options also exist — Maine whitewater rafting through a fall foliage shrouded gorge – ATV rides through fallen leaves, a climb to the peak of a mountain — for those who want high adventure, but they are not required for a great fall adventure in Maine.


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