Penobscot River Rafting- Scenic Wow Or Whitewater Wow? BOTH!

Rafting Penobscot River Video Northern Outdoors

Nick Menounos really captured the intensity and the beauty of the Penobscot River on his trip this past spring with Northern Outdoors. If you want to see what the river "feels" like from an "in-the-boat" perspective, through some of the biggest rapids and most dramatic scenery, watch this!

WOW! Thanks Nick for capturing this. The Penobscot river is located in northern Maine near Mt. Katahdin, in Millinocket. It is a 6 hr drive from Boston, and worth every mile to get there. Remote, rugged, intensely beautiful, and with Class III to Class V whitewater action from Ripogenous Gorge down through the lower Penobscot.

Yankee Magazine rated the Northern Outdoors Penobscot River rafting trip one of New England's Best Adventures in 2011.  Is it on your bucket list? Learn more about Penobscot Rafting here.

Here's the video link here (or click on the image above):


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