Remarkable Kennebec River Rafting Trip!

The whole experience was remarkable!!! I was so impressed with how well every aspect of our trip was organized and how clearly all expectations were communicated. I felt well informed and knew my safety was a priority. Every guide we came in contact with was very knowledgeable about the river, rafting and surrounding towns. (I even learned a little about how Moxie is made.) This was all done with a level of humor that made for a fun day. The staff at Northern is a “well oiled machine”. Everything from launching the rafts, to preparing lunch to taking the rafts out of the river flowed like an effortless routine. I will recommend your company to anyone who expresses an interest in rafting. I also appreciated the “half price Wednesday for Maine residents“. I hope to see that special run again next summer so I can try rafting a different river!!!

Rating: Excellent
Cheryl T.
Smithfield, Maine

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