The Forks Area Scenic Trail: Running, Biking, Hiking

The Forks Area Scenic Trail, along the Kennebec River, is ideal for running, biking, or hiking with dogs and kids. In the winter it’s a snowmobile trail but spring, summer and fall it’s only open to foot traffic. The trail begins one mile south of our resort, runs through our Kennebec River Campground, and ends 6 miles north in The Forks where the rivers meet.

Forks Area Scenic Trail - Kennebec River Campground

The four miles of trail around Northern Outdoors has a freshly laid gravel surface. It may have been the impetus behind Sofia’s final sprint in the annual Baxter Outdoors trail race.

Family Trail Run - Baxter Outdoors 10K

As part of their New England trail race series, the Baxter Outdoors 10K began in 2014 and has been running strong every year since!

While we think it’s the perfect trail to take kids biking on, big kids like it too. Here’s the Queen of the Kennebec and Kennebec River Brewery founder, Jim going for a ride.

Biking The Forks Area Scenic Trail

Mountain bikers can continue on the trail to Maine’s highest waterfall, Moxie Falls. A few miles north of our resort the trail crosses the Old Canada Road Scenic Byway. At this point the multi-use trail is shared with ATVs becoming a little more technical. A few hills, some loose rocks, and a spectacular destination…

Moxie Falls - Fall Foliage

The Forks Area Scenic Trail (F.A.S.T.) is just the beginning of a network of trails connecting the whole Kennebec River Valley. Find out more about hiking trails in The Forks, Maine. The best part about the F.A.S.T. is that you can leave your car at our resort, go for a hike, and come back for a beer and a burger. No driving to a trailhead required!

Happy Trails!


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