80’s Dance Party: Labor Day Weekend Awesomeness

“Whenever I have a bad day I just think of these people.” – Ozzy Osbourne

Whenever you’re having a bad day think of a lodge and brewery deep in the Maine woods that guides whitewater rafting trips by day and throws a totally rad 80’s dance party by night. There were leg warmers, leotards, robot dance moves, three kegs kicked, Peg and Al Bundy, Richard Simmons, Def Leopard, Beastie Boys, bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and groups of friends that come for the Labor Day Weekend whitewater on the Dead River every year.

Thanks for bringing the awesome to Labor Day Weekend at Northern Outdoors!

Awesome 80s Party Costumes - Brewery Events

80s Dance Party - Kennebec River Brewery on Facebook

80s Dance Party - Brewery Event Photos

Dancing to 80s Music - Events Calendar

Hit play for an 80s song that will get your party dancing around the room…


That about wraps up summer. Fall rafting is on! Next big party: Octoberfest Raft ‘n Brews with Suzie and the Smelts!

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