The Bangor Maine Police Department’s Duck of Justice Goes Rafting?

We guide a lot of police officers down the river during spring rafting season in Maine (that’s why we have a hero discount.) Our men and women in blue are definitely not afraid of big whitewater.

We also see a lot of ducks riding waves down river. Ducks clearly enjoy river surfing.

But what we’ve never seen, and what we’re hoping to rectify this rafting season, is the Duck of Justice manning a raft down the Kennebec. If ducks can surf, then ducks can man a raft.

For those of you somehow not familiar with the Bangor Maine Police Department’s esteemed Duck of Justice, head on over to the self-described “marginally famous” Bangor PD Facebook page (with 280,000+ followers we’d call it wicked famous.) The Bangor PD may be the only police department in the world with a notorious duck on staff. He’s at the center of a mass duck selfie craze:

Bangor Maine Police - Duck of Justice Selfies “[Caitlin Burchill] was an early adopter of the Bangor Police Department Duck of Justice and produced the first television story on his rapid rise to fame. I think it made her career. I also believe that Caitlin is marginally insane and is one of the few people I have met who doesn’t let taxidermy get in the way of a good time.” The DOJ Media Craze

Word around Downeast is that all the attention has gone to his beak, and the DOJ has gotten way too big for his feathers. But what do you expect when he’s hanging with celebrities.

Mike Rowe and the Bangor Maine Duck of Justice “It is quite possibly the best mascot in the history of mascots, and certainly the best stuffed duck I’ve ever encountered.” Mike Rowe Meets the DOJ: A Happy Migration


Stephen King and the Bangor Maine Duck of Justice When the Bangor PD found a red balloon tied to the Duck of Justice, they brought in Stephen King for questioning. The “It” Story


It’s great that the Duck of Justice is getting out for photo ops and horror movie premier investigations, but we think he may be spending too much time inside his cubicle.

Yes, the Bangor PD has an email address just for duck selfies:


Ducks need to get outdoors, ride rapids, and smell the fish. Plus the DOJ would look so regal perched on the front of a raft, like a mermaid figurehead on the prow of a ship.

Bangor Maine Duck of Justice Whitewater Rafting

TC, this is your not-so-formal invitation to come on over to The Forks with the Duck of Justice (or his stunt double,) and join us on a whitewater rafting trip. You should bring along seven fellow officers because we’re pretty sure the Duck won’t be helpful paddling. We’re rafting every day from May – October. Hopefully, Maine’s most famous Duck can work a day of fun into his busy schedule. Our rules are similar to yours:

Keep your hand on your t-grip, leave other people’s paddles alone, and listen to your guide.

We will be here.

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