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Gorgeous Fall Colors on the drive to Northern Outdoors in The Forks, Maine

When the air starts turning crisp, I know I’m in for some spectacular colors in New England. The first time I saw fall in New England, my eyes were practically hurting from the vivid colors. Nothing can prepare your peepers for the stunning colors of the maples, oaks and other deciduous trees this time of year. “Leaf Peepers” (as the leaf-loving lookers are called) come from far and wide to catch the colors at their peak. Heck, we even dedicate a page of our website to tracking and catching ’em at the right time.

September is your peak planning time for fall color visits.  The “best of” lists for fall foliage are starting to appear. Travel & Leisure rates the drive from The Forks to Moosehead Lake as one of America’s Best Fall Color Drives.  In fact, Maine, which has way more trees than any state in New England, has a Weekly Maine Foliage Report entirely dedicated to its world-famous fall foliage. The first report started yesterday on September 10 – you can receive weekly updates on where the leaves are changing and plan your trip to hit the right spot at the peak leaf moment. So the leaves may peak at the end of October, but you have many opportunities to see these gorgeously brilliant trees.  Northern Outdoors & The Forks is in Zone 5, on Maine’s official Foliage map.

northern outdoors fall color drives
2014 Opening Day Fall Foliage Report Map

Read the 2014 Maine Fall Foliage season opening day report here.

Ever wonder what causes the bright autumnal explosions of color?

Three magical chemicals and the longer nights of fall! If you’re curious, the USDA Forest Service has a great website that goes into a thorough and complete explanation.  There’s something about a New England fall that is mesmerizing. Time to get out of the city and into the woods. Are you with me? Escape for some well-earned relaxation, fun, and immersion into fall scenery, far away from the pressures of everyday life.

Why not celebrate the vibrant fall with a full day river rafting trip  or the aforementioned escape to the woods?  Dam releases guarantee great water levels all fall, and the river stays warm long after the air turns crisp. Northern Outdoors will be rafting right into the middle of October (October 12, to be exact) so you can splash in the water and do some serious leaf peeping at the same time.  Visit our Adventure Resort website here.


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