A great family trip

This trip was my children’s first rafting experience. I had 1 previous trip but it had been YEARS. We went with a fairly large group of people (16) and we had some experienced and some first timers.

Booking and Checking in was smooth even getting our jackets, paddles and helmets was orderly and easy. The guides were entertaining on the short bus ride to the dam. The dividing up of the group into boats created no challenges. There was chances of severe weather while we were to be on the river so our lunch was moved to the end of our day but we were able to stop along the river for a snack. The area we stopped in was a great outdoor calm area and perfect for our rest.

The rapids were fun. The river ran at I believe 4800 (there was an acronym after the number that I cannot remember) which is the “normal”. The kids and I were nervous at first but our guide (Brent) was knowledgeable and had been doing it a long time so we were able to enjoy the river knowing that SOMEONE knew what they were doing. I did fall out of the boat at one point. It was not scary at all. Brent pulled me right back onto the boat. Actually the only scary part was the fact that I looked like a beached whale trying to get back onto the boat! 🙂

There is a lazy river portion of the trip where you can get out and “ride” the rapids. This was a very cool experience and should definitely be part of your trip. After the larger rapids were past and snack time was over the guides brought out inflatable kayaks. The kids enjoyed this part where they could race or try and flip their friends over.

The rain didn’t start until the very end as we were taking the boats out so that worked out well. The dinner back at the lodge was very good and the slide show (with guides comments) was a great way to end the day! All in all a great trip. The family loved it and would absolutely do it again. Thank you Julie

Rating: Pretty good ****
Julie O.
Newbury, Massachusetts


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