Boston Events Insider Johnny Montsarrat Goes Snowmobiling at Northern Outdoors

There’s nothing quite like taking a newbie on a snowmobile tour, in the amazing terrain of The Forks Area Network here at Northern Outdoors. Johnny Montsarrat from Boston Events Insider came snowmobiling with us recently and from what he wrote, it looks like he’s the latest to fall in love with this incredible winter sport!  Read about his guided half day tour experience with Brian Crater at Backcountry Expeditions (exclusive snowmobile tour partner of Northern Outdoors) and stay at our winter wonderland snowmobile resort – not only did Johnny time it perfectly with the best snow conditions of the season (see the current trail report here – wow!), but he got the real feel of our people and casual resort indeed.

Snowmobiling can be done in two ways: one is to get a thrill for speed, and the other just to amble by looking at the scenery. Both are an amazing rush.

At Northern Outdoors, you get the full summer camp treatment. You are transported to a childhood moment where all the ‘counselors’ form a community of friends who are having the time of their lives as well as working for you. I had a number of unforced, real conversations with the staff, and they made me feel right at home. — Johnny Montsarrat


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