Dead River Rafting: Huge Water Scheduled for May

Dead River Spring Splash in boatBraving the rapids in the summer is quite a thrill, but spring rafting is truly an excellent time to catch exciting water levels in Maine.  As the spring thaw begins, the rivers swell to levels higher than what we typically see in the summer.  This makes your Maine whitewater rafting trip an exhilarating day to remember, especially if you try our Dead River rafting adventure.

Our Dead River rafting trip puts you in the heart of the most continuous whitewater than any other river in the East.  We’re talking 15-adrenaline-filled-miles of Class III, IV and V whitewater.  Definitely something to write home about and a real notch in your belt when it comes to Maine whitewater rafting.

If you’ve never rafted before or if it’s been awhile, it just might be time to book that spring rafting trip.  Cause every May our Dead River rafting trips have scheduled water flows of 6,500+ cubic feet per second, and take it from us that’s a lot of water.  Yee-haw!

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