Dead River Rafting Part 2: Rising of Flagstaff Lake

Slaid Cleaves and Nicole St. Pierre, with photos contributed by the Dead River Area Historical Society, produced this song and video titled “Below” which chronicles the 1940’s flooding of Flagstaff and Dead River in Maine.

Maine whitewater rafting is a popular activity on the Dead, Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers.  Dead River rafting would not be made possible without the construction of Long Falls Dam and the creation of Flagstaff Lake.

The Dead River Area Historical Society, located in Eustis Maine, is open weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. during July and August. On display are artifacts, manuscripts, and photographs. Thanks to this non-profit organization for bringing together the history of this area and for permission to link to their video online here.

Interested in learning more?  This is a three part blog so be sure to check out Dead River Rafting Part 1 and Dead River Rafting Part 3.

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  1. I own a camp on Flagstaff Lake that was passed down from my grandmother, that she won in a card game back in 1956. Slaid Cleaves is an awsome artist. This song is a great contribution to the Flagstaff lake area and it’s people!

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