Dead River Rafting Part 3: Only 8 High Water Releases

Dead River Rafting with Northern Outdoors

The flooding of the town of Flagstaff, in the fall of 1949, created Maine’s largest man-made lake and contributed to turning the area into a destination for Maine adventure vacations.

One of those well-known adventures is Dead River rafting with Northern Outdoors.  The first Dead River rafting trip of the season was Saturday, May 7th, the second one was May 14th.  Which means there’s only 6 more high water releases to catch this year!  This 15-mile trip offers a day of paddling through heart-pounding Class III, IV, and V whitewater and avid rafters say that “you haven’t rafted Maine until you have been on all three rivers – Dead, Kennebec and Penobscot“.

So come join us on the river and experience the excitement of the Dead River!

2011 Dead River Rafting Releases:
Saturday, May 7 = 7,000+ cfs (HUGE water)

Saturday, May 14 = 7,000+ cfs (HUGE water)

Sunday, May 29 (Memorial Weekend) = 5,000+ cfs

Saturday, June 4 = 5,000+ cfs (SOLD OUT)

Saturday, June 11 = 3,500+ cfs (Diablo Sport Rafts)

Sunday, Sept. 4 (Labor Day Weekend) = 5,500+ cfs

Saturday, Sept. 17 = 3,500+ cfs (Diablo Sport Rafts)

This is a three part blog so be sure to read Dead River Rafting Part 1 and Dead River Rafting Part 2.

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