Video of the Week: Highest Water Yet for Dead River Rafting

This past Memorial Weekend was sure one to remember for those that went Dead River rafting with Northern Outdoors.  Originally, we were scheduled for Kennebec River rafting on Saturday and Dead River rafting on Sunday.  But due to the extreme high water levels, from the previous night’s rain, we rafted the Dead River on both Saturday and Sunday.  A chance like this hardly ever happens! 

Typically the Dead River releases are scheduled for about eight runs a year.  This is due to the low volume of Flagstaff Lake, the lake behind the Dead River.  After heavy rains though, the gates of Long Falls Dam can only hold back so much water, and in this case, lucky for us!  We had the chance to go Dead River rafting two days in a row! 

Adventurous souls that went on the Dead River Saturday experienced an unexpected 13,500CFS (cubic feet per second) of water.  On Sunday, what was supposed to be 5,500CFS, was a whopping 12,500CFS.  Woot woot!  Check out the video of the week!

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