Maine Whitewater Rafting: Yankee Magazine Recommends Northern Outdoors

Yankee Magazine Recommends Northern Outdoors

We’re thrilled! Yankee Magazine rates Penobscot River Rafting one of Maine’s Best Adventures in 2011 and recommends Northern Outdoors. 

Here’s what Yankee has to say about Maine whitewater rafting on the Penobscot River:

Penobscot River
Moments after boarding your raft and going over your first major rapid, dubbed "Exterminator," you immediately realize that this 14-mile stretch of the Penobscot is a serious joyride that will have you shrieking with abandonment. Go with a reputable outfitter such as Northern Outdoors, which ran its first trip down the Penobscot in 1976. 1771 U.S. Route 201. 800-765-7238, 207-663-4466;

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Penobscot River Rafting with Northern Outdoors
(We run a classic, top-to-bottom river trip on the Penobscot – Upper Penobscot, lunch riverside, then Lower Penobscot. We don’t run the Lower first, then drive back up for the Upper. We think our trip makes for a better, uninterrupted river experience that way.)


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