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I want to take the time to thank Northern Outdoors and your staff. My family and I had a lot of fun and a great time. Your resort staff, guides, equipment, training, et. al., were just wonderful. My wife planned and scheduled the trip, and I reluctantly went along. But I can’t lie to you – your whitewater rafting excursion far exceeded all my expectations, and some.

Your river guides were excellent. Our family had Dave, Mary & Trevor. They were polite, professional, well trained, funny, and just all-around great ambassadors of your organization. Your accommodations were outstanding. You were able to satisfied my wife’s glamping style of camping, or glamour clamping – so thank you for that.

Your lodge, bar tender, and sales staff were very friendly to my children, we came with 4 teenage boys – so they are hard to please and more of a handful than we would want to admit, but they were well behaved because of your staff and amenities.

The cookout food on the rafting trip was excellent and hit the spot. You had a fall-back plan because of the rain, to cook back in the bingo hall, which worked out very well. We enjoyed the granola mix and hot chocolate, and the second half of the rapids were fun to relax and swim even during the rain. The sightseeing and spectacular view were outstanding, and we even saw 2 bald eagles.

My teenage boys can’t stop talking about the trip. They thought they were going on forced family fun, and they were – but…….they were surprised by the magnitude of the rapids, the 7,200 fps water surge, and the rough turbulence they faced. They got tossed, beat up, thrown, spit out, and dragged back in, and loved every minute of it. Now my second son, Robbie, wants to forego entrance into the Coast Guard Academy for a year, and train as a whitewater guide and seek employment in your organization. You have him sold on living in a tent, catching fish, and buying a 50 lb. bag of rice to live off of. Wow!

We are already planning on returning either again this year of next. We will do the Penobscot & Dead Rivers, and will coordinate the times. We might even want to go in October and check out the foliage.

We had wonderful food at night in the lodge, the beer was great, and my kids enjoyed the pool, the onion rings, and the hot tub.

In closing, thank you for a wonderful time, and I can’t believe more people don’t take this trip. If they did, they would come back for more. I will try to tell all my friends, and advise them to seek out Northern Outdoors for the time of their lives.

Thank you,
Richard & Janice B

Rich B
Marshfield, Massachusetts

Rating: 5 *****

Maine Family Whitewater Adventure


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