Kennebec River Float Trips on Maine Family Vacations

Kids love the water – and the idea of whitewater rafting New England rivers thrills many of them.  But what if the kids are too young for a full-on Kennebec River rafting trip?  Float trips are the answer! 

Available for kids as young as 8 years of age, a float trip on a Maine river is both exciting and relaxing.  With splashy ripples, great views, an the possibility of sighting moose, herons, eagles and ospreys in the wild, a self-guided Kennebec River float trip is a great way to get the entire family on the water.  Float trips take place on a calmer section of river than Kennebec River rafting trips, and offer a more relaxed option for a day on the river.

Most of the time, float trips offer the opportunity for each person to raft with a small one-person or two-person inflatable kayak – allowing each child the option of being captain of his or her own ship!  A taste of independence, cool water and fun – what more could anyone want on their Maine family vacation?

Float Trip on Lower Kennebec

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