Maine Cabin Rentals – What the Heck Is A Cabin Tent?

Heading to the Maine woods to ride on Maine ATV trails or indulge in Kennebec river rafting, means traveling a few hours from home. Most people make a weekend of it, and turn their time here into mini Maine adventure vacations.

One way to make a weekend getaway affordable is to choose to camp out instead of staying in a motel or renting a cabin. But then there’s all the bother of setting up tents, rolling them up damp from dew the morning it’s time to leave, drying them out at home and packing them away… Enter the cabin tent!

Made from rugged canvas, these cabin tents — also called platform tents — are semi-permanent structures set up off the ground on wooden platforms. They have wooden doors, often a window or two and have 2-4 wooden cots with mattresses upon which to spread out sleeping bags and dream the night away.   Each also has it’s own picnic table and fire ring.

With access to a shared bathhouse complete with hot showers, cabin tents offer the cost savings of tent camping, but without a big part of the hassle. Add to that the sound of the Kennebec River in the background and a short walk to the main lodge where great food, fresh beer, a hot tub and great company await, and cabin tents become a great adventure lodging option!


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