Kennebec River Rafting and the Best Wilderness Lunch in Maine

Kennebec River Rafting Gourmet LunchYa know, Maine whitewater rafting is a great outdoor adventure for friends and family to due during the summer.  It’s fun, it’s active and, well, it gets ya mighty hungry.  Hmm, what do you eat on a full day river trip?  The guides at Northern Outdoors serve up a gourmet riverside lunch right on the banks of the Kennebec River.  Really! In fact, it just might be the best wilderness lunch spot in Maine, or at least we think so!

Here’s the skinny with a bit more detail:

When rafting on the Kennebec River with Northern Outdoors, you’ll experience a refreshing 12-mile long guided river trip that also includes a break for lunch.  We’re not talking cold cuts and hot dogs here, but a real cowboy-style cookout along the river. Open fire grilled steak, chicken, salmon and veggie burgers all cooked and served by the guides.  Oh, not to mention stir-fry rice, salad, cookies and drink choices like lemonade, iced tea, coffee and even hot chocolate.  Of course your day would not be complete without trying our good old fashion G.O.R.P. which stands for Granola, Oats, Raisins and Peanuts with some M&M’s and coconut too!

Kennebec River rafting stands alone as awesome, but it’s that little extra touch like a riverside cookout that makes your Maine whitewater rafting trip downright amazing.  Big waves, sunny skies, a boat load of laughs and a gourmet wilderness meal to boot.

As we say on the river…both sides ahead to the whitewater or both sides ahead to lunch!

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