Floating while Kennebec River Rafting- It’s a Must Do!

Kennebec River Rafting and SwimmingWhen it comes to Maine, rafting on the Kennebec River brings thoughts of pristine high-volume water that cuts through one of Maine’s most spectacular wilderness settings. While Kennebec River rafting, those that have been know that you’ll experience waves that crash and splash all the while keeping you looking down river for the excitement around the next bend.

Sometimes though that excitement is the unexpected chance to hop out of the raft and free float in the water. The force of the river flowing and swiftly taking you down stream is a feeling like no other.  It’s about this time in the day when guests say to guides, "So you really get to do this everyday? Wow, I can’t imagine the chance to go Kennebec River rafting everyday.  You must love it."  

Floating in the water while Kennebec River rafting is sure to bring a smile to your face, feeling of weightlessness and sense of appreciation for the force of mother nature.  All the while imagining the power behind the Class II, III and IV rapids you conquered earlier in the day.    

There’s so much more to Maine whitewater rafting than big waves and crushing holes and floating in the river is one of those amazing things!  Oh and if you’re wondering how to get out of the boat, check out this Beat the Heat Video of the Week and you’ll see some folks going man-over-board!



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