Maine Snowmobile Tour: The Forks to Eustis

Maine has a 14,000 mile interconnected trail network, with some of the best riding right here in Central/Western Maine. One of our top riding destinations is heading west to Tea Pond Lodge and Cabins in the Eustis area, providing you with prime riding in two of Maine’s top snowmobiling destinations. This snowmobiling route from The Forks to Eustis spans approx 65 miles across stunning scenery – including the popular Grand Falls and the Bigelow Mountain range.

Snowmobile Trail Bigelow mt. view

Your adventure starts at Northern Outdoors. Check in for your cabin in the woods is at 4:00pm, but feel free to come in early to grab a sampler of our beers, and grab a bite to eat from our brewpub. Rest up and fuel up – because the fun begins bright and early!

Trailside Snowmobile Cabin

Snowmobiling Route from The Forks to Eustis

The trip from The Forks to Eustis will take approximately 4 and a half to 5 hours, depending on your style of riding and how many stops. Breakfast opens at 7am, with a large selection ranging from omelets to french toast to steak tips to fruit bowls and yogurt. Gas pump opens at 9am if you need it, cash only. You start off on the Kennebec River Trail, heading north along the Kennebec River — lots of deer, so keep your eyes peeled!

deer on the snowmobile trail

The River Trail will meet up with ITS 87/86 and you’ll head on 86 West into the West Forks, where trails can get a little beat up with the increased traffic. Don’t worry, they should smooth out again nicely as you head out of town on Coburn Summit Riders trails along the Dead River on ITS 86 West. Stay on 86 as it wraps into the woods and back to the river by Grand Falls. This is well worth the short detour – follow signs to Grand Falls, park your sled, and take a quick two minute walk to the overlook for these views…

Grand Falls Winter

After Grand Falls, continue on ITS 86/89 towards Eustis where there are some beautiful vistas as you approach the mountains of western Maine. You can take the Flagstaff Connector trail to get a closer look at the Lake, or stay on 86 – either way, you’ll meet up with ITS 89 which you will take south towards Stratton/Pines Market. Swing into Pines if you need to refuel or get some basics, then continue on ITS 89 to get to the Tea Pond connector trail. Approximately 5 more miles, and you’ve made it!
*Please note: trails are subject to change year to year based on logging operations and landowner requests. Please see local trail maps (The Forks Area Trails Club, Coburn Summit Riders, and Arnold Trail Snowmobile Club) prior to planning your trip!

Destination: Tea Pond Lodge and Cabins in Eustis, Maine

Snow at Tea Pond Lodge in Eustis
Snow abounds at Tea Pond Lodge! Credit: Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins

Sandy and Craig purchased the property in 2015, and opened Tea Pond Lodge and Cabins in 2016. The lodge has a restaurant with a great selection of food, and sweet little cabins scattered throughout the property. It’s the perfect spot! Be sure to check out the hours on their site to be sure you’re there when they’re serving! After you’ve fueled up, begin your trek back “home” to Northern Outdoors. When you arrive, grab a beverage and relax- Vanilla Bourbon Porter, anyone?

Kennebec River Brewery Fireplace

If you’re looking to go big, make it your very own “lodge to lodge” tour by booking two nights lodging with Northern Outdoors, and a night in the middle at Tea Pond Cabins. This gives you a little more time to make a leisurely ride to Tea Pond- perhaps even include a detour to check out Coburn Mountain on the way!

Tea Pond CampsCredit: Tea Pond Cabins


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7 Responses

    1. Hi Jodie! Yes, the lodge to lodge tour is definitely available this winter 🙂 Check out a little more info here if you’d like — 🙂 I will pass along your email to our reservation team so they can get back to you with availability! If you don’t hear from them today, there’s a chance the email went to junk so just send us an email at or call us at (207) 663-4466. Thanks!

  1. I suggest a ride north from there to Jackman, onto Pittston Farm, and on to Greenville either via Rockwood or around Moosehead. Route 66 is awesome trail riding.

    If you go to Jackman, Sally Mtn cabins has ice shacks for rent… I think $25 for a day, wood included. Guy has a bait shack too, and if you call ahead, he can provide you with an oggor. Bring a few traps with u and spare a day to ice fish on Bigwood.

  2. Can snow mobiles be rented and is this three day tour a package deal/per person. What about outerware, what is needed, can normal ski wear be used or is heavier clothing needed? Looking to have a three/four member group do this some timeframe, including during the week. We’re retired. What scheduling is available? Looking for details or sources to go to and make arrangements. Looks like fun. Never done this. Lastly what is an estimated cost to take a three day trip like this? Thanks.

    1. Hi Clif! Thanks so much for reaching out with interest in snowmobiling with Northern Outdoors! We are not offering this lodge to lodge tour as a package, but you can “ala carte” it. You’d just give us a call at (207) 663-4466 to work it out with our team. We do offer snowmobile rentals on site, cabins, and plenty of awesome riding destinations including a trip to Eustis! There are lots of different prices based on when you’re looking to come, so I’d recommend giving our team a call to chat more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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