Maine Snowmobiling Season Opens January 28th

Thursday, January 28th, 2021 at 12pm — that’s when our brewpub and resort plan to open for Maine snowmobiling season! Although we got a nice 8″ from the New Year’s storm, with another 4-5″ from Saturday the 16th, we still need another few inches to get good riding out of the lodge and on The Forks trails. Our groomers are heading out to pan some parts of the trail as temps dropped after the storm, but it’s not enough to groom. Don’t worry – when we get more snow, we WILL groom and we will let you know. Snowmobilers near and far are itching to get out – us included! So stay tuned, as this date is subject to change based on what Mother Nature decides. Additionally, neighboring club to the north, Coburn Summit Riders, did report a few more inches of snow and enough to groom some of their trail system. So, if you’re jonesin, come on up and grab a cabin at 50% off and trailer just a bit further north for some decent riding. Give us a call at (207) 663-4466!

Now, onto some good news…we’re more excited than ever for snow to fall for a lot of reasons – one being, The Forks Area Trails Club has welcomed a new groomer to the fleet!

Snowmobile Trail Groomer in The Forks

As we wait for a little more snow, we’ll be sure to keep you updated every inch (or foot) of the way on Facebook, and will send an email out to the trail conditions list (sign up below) as soon as we can get groomers out. So, even though people are stoked to ride, please be mindful. Early season wind left our trail system, as well as systems across Maine, with a large amount of blowdowns to clear up before the season. We’re continuing to work on those. As usual, please be aware and respectful of logging operations AT ALL TIMES. Logging companies allow us on their lands and that is a privilege that we do not want to lose. For the most up to date trail reports, sign up below for our snowmobile trail conditions email. Another great resource is this Facebook group on snowmobile conditions around the state of Maine.

Snowmobile Season Opening Day

Here’s What You Can Do While You Wait for Snowmobiling Season to Begin!

Get your favorite trailside cabin booked and keep your eye on our webcam. Support your local club, including The Forks Area Trails Club (don’t forget about our cozy cabin giveaway for supporting us, too). Register your sled. Sign up for The Forks trailmaster’s trail report below, coming to you weekly with no fluff – just straight snowmobile conditions – starting with our first groom. We’ll keep you posted with trail photos and ride videos right here, and on our recommended rides page.


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Maine snowmobiling season is coming…we’ll see you on the trails!

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  1. Are you still planning for trails to open December 26?

    • Hi T.O. — unfortunately we do not have the snow to open on the 26th 🙁 Like most of the state, the rain on the 14th really put a damper on the trails. We received 6″ Tues/Weds though, and are looking at a 30th opening!

  2. When can we expect a trail report from you guys……….and are you still expecting to open the trails by December 30th?

    Just curious to know as it sounds like things have opened in the Rangeley area!

    • Hi Bill! Yep- I just checked out Rangeley’s Facebook page. Pretty humorous trail report! Like Rangeley, we are low on snow and totally at the mercy of the weather. We are tracking two potentials for snow, one tomorrow and one Sunday/Monday, to see if we’ll be able to groom for the 30th. As of right now, we do not have enough snow to groom and there is no riding out of the lodge. You could get a little riding in on unplowed roads near Lake Moxie, but not for long. It will snow eventually though, and as soon as we get groomers out, we will post an update on the trail conditions page as well as on our Facebook page. Our lodge and restaurant open the 30th regardless, and we’ll be celebrating the New Year here on the 31st. If you have a reservation here and need more info regarding that, give our team a call at (207) 663-4466. And THINK SNOW!! 😀

  3. Any update on trails opening up or conditions. Thank you!

  4. Hi! My husband and I are coming up to Maine from 2/28-3/6 and we were wondering if the trails will be open? And will they be open to our-of-town guests (quarantine challenges)?

    • Hi Tammy! We definitely plan to be open and grooming still that time of year – generally we’re grooming through mid March. That being said, it all depends on snow! We’re anxiously awaiting our first big storm, hopefully comin’ at us on Tuesday! There are some restrictions for traveling in Maine- check out our COVID response page (link at top right corner) or give us a call at (207) 663-4466 to chat with someone on our team. Hope you can make it for a visit!

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