Maine Whitewater Rafting Guide: Adam Ruger

Maine Rafting GuidesName: Adam Ruger
Hometown: York, ME
Age of First Rafting Trip: 15 years old
Year you started guiding at Northern Outdoors: 2016

What type of guiding do you do? Whitewater Rafting

What do you enjoy most about working at Northern Outdoors?
What I enjoy most about working at Northern Outdoors is the staff throughout each department that all work together to provide the best overall experience for our guests. Not to mention …working with the staff makes my job so fun. I have a hard time looking at what I do as work. That being said, you can imagine the fun we have outside of work.

What is your favorite river to guide, and your favorite rapid on that river?
My favorite river would have to be the Penobscot River. Each time I put on that river, I know I’m putting everything I’ve learned to the test. Favorite rapid on the Penobscot is a tough question considering everything it has to offer, As far as my favorite rapid… the “Cribworks” makes me the most proud to say I can guide a raft through it… yet Nesowadnehunk Falls is one of my favorite places in the world, because its the closest thing you can have to a natural whitewater playground!

What’s your classic Northern Outdoors memory?
So many going through my head!! One memory that stands out to me, starts while taking off to the Penobscot for the first time with a handful of experienced guides, and ends the next day at post trip meeting after completing my first guided trip down the Penobscot with success. Experiencing the Penobscot routine start to finish, and proving to myself I had what it takes made me feel like I was finally a Maine Whitewater Guide and part of a team I was proud to be on.

Where do you adventure when you are not working?
During the summer months, I spend most of my time off either on the river with friends, fly fishing around Maine, spending time with my girlfriend bringing my dog to some of his favorite spots (usually swimming in the river,) or doing something fun with friends in the area.

What do you do in the off-season when you’re not guiding for Northern Outdoors?
As of right now my plans are still up in the air but hopefully spending the winter months somewhere in Northern Maine doing something I enjoy while studying for my hunting/fishing guides licenses.

Which Kennebec River Brewery beer is your top choice after a day on the river?
My favorite Kennebec River Brewery beer is definitely the Kennebec Logger.

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