On The Trail: Spring-like Snowmobiling from The Forks to Bingham

Snowmobiling from The Forks to the windmills in Bingham, MaineHere in the Northeast the past couple of weeks have not bode well for snowmobilers. The weather has been unseasonably warm and not so much as a few inches of snow have been produced by a waning old man winter (who’s making a fierce return today — see the weather and trail conditions report.) Despite the temporary disappearance of winter weather, I was pleasantly surprised after getting out on the trail. On more than a few occasions I found myself asking, “Where did all this snow come from?” as I cruised down near perfect spring like trails covered with a solid, wall-to-wall grooming base.

Snowmobile Trail to Bingham, Maine
Approaching the Bingham Wind Farm

My destination today was the Bingham Wind Farm, roughly 40 miles away from Northern’s lodge. I set out on the trail at around 10am and headed south on ITS 87 for Pleasant Pond. Conditions were slightly patchy at first, a few dirt patches here, a bald hill top there, but by the time I got onto the Pleasant Pond Trail it was wall-to -wall mashed potatoes virtually the whole way, things got real fun.

Snowmobile Trail | Windmills
The Windmill Trail heading south

As I approached the Windmill Trail I began to see the rotating behemoths in the distance. As I got closer and closer it became more apparent just how massive these modern marvels are. In all there are 56 turbines, each standing at 492 feet from the base to the tip of the highest blade in peak rotation. These feats of engineering are quite a sight from afar, but I highly recommend getting up close and seeing these beasts from the ground up. What better way to do that than by way of snowmobile. To top off this sight seeing tour, as you look back towards The Forks a vast display of some of Maine’s western mountains are in full view. Squaw, the Bigelows, and Sugarloaf’s snow covered trail network are but a few of this trips viewing highlights. I highly recommend this ride.

Mountain Views from the Trail
Wind Farm looking towards the Forks

With the weather the way it’s been, I dare say that this was one of my most enjoyable rides of the season, but I think that it was. Having the sun in my face and a soft and edge-able surface on the trails made my ’99 Skidoo Scandic feel like a couch on skis and made for one heck of a good day. Snowmobile season may have appeared to be entering into an early spring, but the trails in and around The Forks are very much in good condition, and with a significant storm in the forecast for tonight I have a feeling we’ll be riding happily right through April. Happy Trails!

See: Snowmobile Trail Directions to the Bingham Windfarm and more recommended rides.

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