Quebec Winter Carnival: Poutine For Travelers on Route 201

The Quebec Winter Carnival is Jan 30th – Feb 15th.

Whether you say “Carnaval de Québec” or “Québec Winter Carnival,” you’re in for a rollicking great time at the world’s largest winter carnival.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.26.02 PM For the past 60 years, Québec has hosted three weekends of winter-related activities, including ice sculpture competitions, snowshoeing competitions, dogsled races and lots of eating, drinking and merry-making. The whole city comes alive to celebrate winter and light up the nights (and days!).

This pre-Lent festival runs from January 30 to February 15 and is opened by none other than Bonhomme Carnaval. Bonhomme Carnaval is a living replica of the snowman that enchanted the youth of all Quebecers. Imagine Frosty with a red cap, loads of sophistication, and plenty of charm. Once he receives the keys to the city from the mayor of Quebec, the festivities begin! Visit their website for the full program. 

northern outdoors
Northern Outdoors is right on the Old Canada Road – Route 201.

So what’s Quebec Winter Carnival got to do with Northern Outdoors? A whole lot, actually. Our location on Route 201 (aka The Old Canada Road) midway between Portland and Quebec City makes us an ideal place to stop on your way to Quebec Winter Carnival this year. We’ve got plenty of parking, restrooms and free wifi, and, of course, a selection of handcrafted Kennebec River Brewery beers, as well as locally roasted Carrabassett Coffee to fuel you up for the journey north or south.

Northern OUtdoors poutine
Stop by for Poutine, Northern Outdoors-style, served only during the Quebec Winter Carnival!

To celebrate and honor our friends to the north, we’re featuring our version of a Quebec specialty called poutine at the Kennebec River Brewery & Pub. Think cheesy fries, but a whole lot more sophisticated and flavorful. Don’t believe me? Check out our recipe below:

Chef Seth’s Kennebec River Pub & Brewery Poutine Recipe

  • thick slice steak fries
  • brown gravy
  • fried Canadian bacon (oh yeah, Chef Seth added to this marvy dish!)
  • cheddar cheese curds (locally sourced from Pineland Farms in Maine)

Smother the fries in gravy, layer Canadian bacon on top, then top with cheese curds and serve. Voila! Delicious and a fabulous way to break up your road trip on Route 201 to Quebec. I don’t know about you, but I’m suddenly very hungry! Just so you know, we’re only serving this during Quebec Winter Carnival so don’t miss out on trying fresh poutine this winter.

Easy parking right off Route 201 at the lodge. Stop by on your way to Quebec!
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