Readying the Trails for Maine Snowmobile Adventures

Maine Snowmobile AdventuresEvery year, before happy riders descend on The Forks to enjoy some of the best Maine snowmobile riding staff from Northern Outdoors hit the trails to make sure they are in shape for the coming season.  While much of the trail system remains constant from year to year, there are always slight changes and much preparation to be completed before the trails open.

Replacing and refreshing signs that guide rides through the miles of trails is a primary task.  Making sure riders can find their way with as little difficulty as possible helps with safety in the cold winter months. 

Downed trees are cleared and brush trimmed back.  Trails that are only accessible once rivers and lakes freeze are being monitored so the word can go out to riders as soon as the snow flies and the way is solid. 

Maintaining the huge network of Maine snowmobile trails requires dedicated trail crews and volunteers in every corner of the state, so riders who run into someone out working to keep things going are encouraged to say a big thank you.


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