Winter Wonderland for Maine Snowmobile Adventures

Grand Falls MaineWinter wonderland is a phrase known from song, but there is truth in it — and not just because people spend time wondering just how snowy/long/cold/super-fun an upcoming winter is going to be.  Maine adventure vacations are year round options — with skiing and Maine snowmobile adventures being the primary loves of winter travelers.

Whether the prefered way to spend the winter is sitting in front of a cozy fireplace, zipping down a mountain making perfect turns in fresh powder, stomping through kneehigh snowdrifts on snowshoes or roaring across a frozen lake on a snowmobile, there is something actually wonderful about winter.

It’s the magic of the first snowfall of the season, and the way the world gets blanketed with quiet.  It’s the smell of warm wool sweaters, and every excuse to drink hot chocolate (sometimes with a little kick added…who me?).  Winter is snowmen and snowflakes and snowball fights and a great time to get sit and chat with friends.

And without winter, how little would we trully appreciate the wonder that is spring? 

Maine Snowmobile EventsThe Maine Snowmobile Association (MSA) maintains a calendar of events of interest to snowmobile enthusiasts.  Contrary to what might be expected, not all these events take place in the winter, or out on a Maine snowmobile trail.  

The MSA posts all kinds of happenings on its website events page.  From business type events like club meetings or safety training sessions, to family friendly pot luck suppers, there is something to interest just about everyone.  Whether it’s going to a craft fair or a trail maintenance gathering, taking a ride with a local club to a local restaurant, or heading out with a group of friends for an Inn to Inn tour, Maine snowmobile riders like to get out and do things.     

Those looking for a way to get together with other snowmobile riders or to just find out what’s going on in the area can check out the calendar at the MSA Website.


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