Snowmobile Trail Conditions Report: The Forks, Maine February 2024

The Forks Area Trails Update – February 20th, 2024

Snow conditions have not drastically changed over the last week — we have not received significant snowfall, but we’ve had cold temps over night that are helping us to maintain the base in places. Read what others are saying here – Forks Area Trails Club – to get an idea of what you’re looking at, and make the best call for yourself/your riding preferences. The trails in-town are passable, but very rough- rocks, dirt, thin spots. The trails out -of -town are decent with some really great spots to ride, including Bald Mountain Trail, Breakneck Ridge Trail and Moxie Mountain Loop on our system. Further north on Coburn Summit Riders and Dead River Sno-Riders trail systems you can find nice rides once you get out of town. You can ride from Northern Outdoors up the hill – or get closer to the decent riding by trailering to the Ballfield in the West Forks and riding from there.

Moral of the story- don’t expect typical February conditions. Expect to ride early/late season conditions, and you can still have a good time. Our brewpub is open daily 7am-9pm, we have LIVE MUSIC this Saturday 2/24 with Darren Bessette, and we hope to see you!

Northern Outdoors Team

The Forks Area Trail Report – February 15th, 2024

Update for weekend.
Cold weather will help with the waterholes this week.
Friday afternoon / night we will have both groomers out and focus on the areas outside of town. Hopefully we get a couple inches on this next clipper for some lube.
Riding this week you should have scratchers, good carbides and picks.
Keep doing the snow dance and keep it real.
Ben Towle
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map
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The Forks Area Trail Report – February 8th, 2024

The Forks Area Trail Report – February 12th, 2024

We had a warm up over the weekend and saw significant deterioration on an already low-snow year. Things in town are very rough and thin, but passable. Out of town you can still find some nice spring-like conditions (think: Bald Mountain Trail, Breakneck Ridge Trail). Read on for Ben’s full report below– it’s not what we hope for, but it is what it is! Regardless, we’re here and Kennebec River Brewery is open- along with other great spots in The Forks and West Forks. Hope to see you!

NOTE: Dead River Sno-Riders grooms immediately to our north and is still getting some grooming in, and Coburn Summit Riders is as well. Check out their reports and set your expectations on spring riding!
-N.O. team

This week will be adventure explorer week for the off trail guys and carbide special week for the trail guys…

Like Clint Eastwood, there is the good the bad and the ugly. The great is Clint, and we don’t have Clint.

I just did a 30 mile ride on various sections, the long and short of it is we need more snow. Everywhere I went was accessible. Was not hard to navigate around the worst areas where dirt was showing, rocks were visible and stumps were there and some of the water holes have opened up. Unfortunately there are a quite a few of those areas in the woods and in town. The high traffic areas are naturally the worst, so getting in and out of establishments would be the biggest challenge. The dirt road areas were in decent shape and have pretty good coverage.

The thing is… I came back with a smile on my face even though the trails were like spring conditions.. because I was out riding. I had to drive a little slower in several sections but I got to see some scenery. I got to breath the fresh outside air. I started looking at off shoot roads and areas I have not explored in all my years here and know that’s what I will be checking out later this week. For me, its still better than being in an office.

There is not much to work with in the trouble areas so there lies the groomer conundrum. We risk damage to the machines for little gain. With that said, we will not be grooming until we get more snow and things harden up again.

We will however be out riding and exploring, catching up on groomer maintenence items that have cropped up and maybe doing some trailering around different areas.

The best areas to go on our system are the Bald Mountain trail, Breakneck Ridge trail, ITS 87 south on the Pleasant pond trail and the Moxie mountain loop trail.

Set your expectations, and you will still find value in the adventure.

If you have an atv or a sxs with tracks, now is your time to shine!

Everyone please do the snow dance. And if you don’t ride, go see your favorite bartender and they will be glad to shed some tears with your beers.

Cold returns this week, snow at the end of the week possibly?!
Ben Towle
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map
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The Forks Area Trail Report – February 8th, 2024

ITS 87 Groomed. The Pleasant pond portion of the trail is in excellent condition, flat and fast. Best condition of the season. Some rough and thin sections in the woods and in town. Worth the ride!
ITS 86 Again, in town section thin. Trail will be rerouted starting Friday for the rest of the season. Trail will be on the Powerline parallel to the Indian Pond Road, utilizing the Loop road then using the Dyer road. Expect typical Powerline riding but the rest of the trail is excellent. Please stay off new section until we finish signing and grooming tomorrow night.

Please stay off the Indian pond road excepted where marked.

We want to thank CMP, Weyerhauser and private landowners for allowing this connection.

Moxie Mountain Trail (alt ITS87) Groomed and in excellent condition. Section through Moore’s bog area thin in the woods. If you have not ridden this loop, you are missing out. Old ITS 87 loop that is flat and fast. Roughly a 35 mile loop, great views!
Kennebec River Trail Will be groomed again when we get more snow. Passable and for experienced riders. Great views.
Moxie Falls Trail Groomed and in good shape. Will groom again when we get more snow.
Caratunk Spur Trail Groomed and in great condition.
Bald Mountain Trail Groomed and in excellent condition.
Breakneck Ridge Trail Groomed and in excellent condition.

Ben Towle
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map
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Day riders, there is a FREE PARK & RIDE LOT at Northern Outdoors on Route 201.

The large parking lot is plowed with plenty of room for snowmobile trailers and groomed access to all trails. The Park & Ride lot is marked with a large sign on Route 201, 1/4 mile south of Northern Outdoors. Snowmobile trail maps, 91 octane ethanol-free gas, great food, and cold beer are available at Northern Outdoors.
**PLEASE NOTE: gas is CASH ONLY and available 9:00am-5:00pm

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The Forks Area Trail Update- February 6th, 2024

Notes, ITS 86 reroute will be done for the weekend. We are still looking for volunteers to help brush and cut back this new section (powerline on Indian pond road and loop road off powerline). We will be out there Wednesday with a trail detail.

Kennebec river trail will not be groomed until we get more snow.

Best trail conditions currently are on ITS 87, Bald mountain trail, Breakneck ridge and moxie mountain loop.

There has been some confusion from riders coming from the south and west on coming up Binghams trail system when they get to the Austin stream bridge thats out. Here is a quick map of the “new” ITS 87 route.

Before the washed out bridge, you come down over a hill to the deadwater road. The trail used to go to the left over the bridge. Instead stay straight and then turn right. Trail loops around and joins back up again to the old trail at pleasant pond.

See map. Red is the bridge out area, blue is new route. Yellow is bald mountain trail for reference.

THE FORKS AREA TRAILS – Video Report 2/1/2024

Zach hit the trails for a 40 mile loop on some of our favorite local trails – including Pleasant Pond Trail and Bald Mountain Trail. Follow along, and come ride!

Important Update: ITS 89 Grand Falls to Eustis is NOW OPEN. You CAN get there from here 😉

The Forks Area Trail Report – January 30th, 2024

Cold temps return allowing us to get back to grooming!

ITS 87 Groomed and in good shape. Thin in the woods sections but excellent conditions throughout the system.
ITS 86 Groomed and in good shape. Note the powerline section is rough but a short span. Shirley Tote Road is plowed and a good portion of the Black Nubble Road is plowed and rough. We are working on alternatives currently for impending closure. Very passable. Active trucking- use caution.
Moxie Mountain Trail (alt ITS87) Excellent shape, some washouts in the woods sections. Will be groomed tonight.
Kennebec River Trail Some washouts and water spots on the north side of the trail, will be groomed tonight.
Caratunk Spur Trail Groomed and in good shape.
Bald Mountain Trail Groomed and in excellent shape.
Breakneck Ridge Trail Groomed and in great shape. Note a short plowed shared section, use caution active trucking.

Ben Towle
Forks Area Trails Snowmobile Club
The Forks Maine Snowmobile Trail Map
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