The First Inn-to Inn Snowmobile Tour: The Forks to Kingfield, Maine

**PLEASE NOTE: the Inn to Inn tour is now the Lodge to Lodge tour with Tea Pond Lodge & Cabins in Eustis**

Our Inn-to-Inn Snowmobile Tour is back this season!  It is also a featured package on the Maine Woods Discovery website, so you can learn about it there, as well as here at Northern Outdoors.

Here’s the full report from our first riders on this self-guided Maine Snowmobile Tour last winter:
Longtime friends and Northern Outdoors guests Dave and Keith, from Naugatuck, Connecticut departed on a Saturday morning on the first Inn-to-Inn Maine Snowmobile Tour, riding from Northern Outdoors in The Forks, to the Historic Hebert Hotel in Kingfield, and back.  In their 3rd year visiting with us, the two experienced riders decided it was time to try something new on their touring Yamaha sleds. Friday evening they met with Russell Walters, President of Northern Outdoors to review the route Russell had planned and pre-ridden for the tour. (Russell lives in Kingfield, so it was a really hard assignment but someone had to do it…!)

The next morning, Dave and Keith departed well-prepared and well-rested from a night in their accommodations. En-route out to Kingfield they enjoyed the southbound section of the loop trail at 75 miles, which Dave and Keith mentioned gave confidence that they would reach their destination before dark even if they missed a turn or stopped for lunch. Once in Kingfield, the Historic Hebert Hotel provided a spot to refresh and relax before heading out for another day of riding. The return trip via the northern loop, at 125 miles, was full of incredible scenery.   Once they returned to the lodge at Northern Outdoors, they were kind enough to give me some feedback on their ride. Keith, a now experienced rider, three years ago wanted nothing to do with a sport that put him in the snow all day, stressed the importance of planning ahead. He “pre-rode” the tail end of the return route, from Northern Outdoors, two hours out and back on Friday night. He said he wanted to know on Sunday when he and Dave reached that spot, they would have two hours left. Keith liked the added peace of mind when riding a full day loop to know when they hit that spot they better have 2 hours worth of gas before it got dark. Both commented on the peace of mind that an Inn-to-Inn Snowmobile tour provides, knowing that your overnight destination is going to be a comfortable, clean place to stay.

Dave and Keith noted Russell’s preparation for them and well-planned route, private cabin, staff, and accessibility of the snowmobile resort as highlights that keep them coming back. They said that one of the best parts about their stay here was they can snowmobile out, snowmobile back in and never have to hop in the car to get a meal after they return!  How cool is that?!

Happy Riding,   Rachel


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  1. We at the HERBERT Hotel have enjoyed the visits of our snowmobilers and hope to host many more this winter. And, yes, we are the Herbert with 2 "r"s.

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