Tips for ATV Riding

This is part 3 in our interview with Jim Lane, President of A.T.V. Maine. Jim didn’t hesitate to share his “Tips for Safe ATV Riding”, and reiterated several times that ATVs are great fun and offer a unique family activity, but must always be handled in recognition that ATVs are heavyweight machinery. As Jim said, “They aren’t toys. Ground is much harder than snow, if you fall off your ATV, crash through water at speed, or flip the machine, you can very quickly be seriously hurt.”

Dressed for serious ATV riding!Jim’s short list of what to wear and bring on a ride on Maine’s ATV trails:

  1. Always ride wearing eye protection, no matter if is sunny, cloudy, or night. Also, it’s a very good practice to cover your mouth with a handkerchief, or similar, for dust while you ride. (If it is raining, the rain will settle any dust.)
  2. Wear a helmet! Even though the state of Maine only requires helmets for riders under age 18, adults ought to protect themselves and act as good role models to younger riders.
  3. Wear Gloves
  4. Wear Long Pants: engines heat up and side pipes can burn you, as well as dirt & rocks can fly up while you are driving.
  5. Get a good pair of sturdy boots; don’t wear open toed shoes.
  6. Wear a long sleeved shirt for trail rides. It will protect you from branches, bugs, mud, and light scrapes. 
  7. Take a pack with you with extra water and rain gear. “It’s Maine”, says Jim, “Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.

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